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How to take your life to a whole new level!

Our top pick in vision board software, Mind Movies gives you the tools, knowledge and power to propel yourself out of the rut where you’re stuck and into the life you really want.

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More About Mind Movies

What is a mind movie?
It’s a vision board on steroids! Using the Mind Movies 3.0 Creation Kit, you can quickly and easily create a “slideshow” type movie of your perfect life, or of a certain aspect of your life that you intend to improve. Watch online or download your vision board movie on your computer or iPod so that throughout your day it helps you maintain clarity about your vision and stay positive and focused.

These vision board movies are complete with pictures, text affirmations, and music. Adding music is particularly powerful because of the way it stirs our emotions. In fact, one vital key to success is feeling strong emotion connected to what we envision.

How does vision board software work?
A Mind Movie works with the psychology of the brain by combining photos, affirmations and music into a visualization tool that engages the subconscious. Motivational and emotionally inspiring, your mind movie helps you turn what you only wish you had into what you do have. [ADD SOME REFERENCE TO SOME STUDY?]

Mind Movies 3.0 Features (to name just a few!)

  • Works on PC (Windows) and Mac
  • Easy to learn
  • Simple to create your own custom mind movies
  • Photos, Affirmations, Music – select from the Mind Movies library or use your own
  • Watch your mind movies online or download to your computer or iPod
  • Bonus: Get a free copy of Bob Proctor’s Success Series audio and eBook
  • Tons of other bonuses (too many to list here, but total bonuses are valued at over $1,300!)

Best of all, your investment in Mind Movies is protected by a
100% 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

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