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This page was created especially for readers of the book Success With Vision Boards by Susan LaBorde

Information on this page is the same information as is listed in the book in Chapter 9: Resources.

The lists and links below make it easy for readers to find all the books, articles, websites, printables, and other references mentioned in the book.

All information is organized by chapter.

Chapter 1

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Digital Vision Boards – Easy, Fast & Free

Chapter 10

  • Power Words – See book, Chapter 10

  • Printable Power Words:

Chapter 11

In addition to all the affirmations printed in Chapter 11 of the book, you’ll find all of the following lists of affirmations on this website:

Chapter 12

In the book this chapter provides a list of all the resources mentioned above. It also includes a long list of places to find free photos online. For your convenience, those are all listed below with a link to each so you can quickly go check out each site.

At the time of this writing the following sites list their photos as available for personal use only. Please be aware that copyright status can change. Before using anything from any website, always read the site’s terms of use.

Where to Find Photos Online

The following sites do not offer nearly as large a selection as the first sites on our list, but these are still worth a look:

Finally, if you’re looking for something very specific you might want to give this site a try:

  • LibreStock
    LibreStock is basically a search engine for stock photos. You enter your search term, and it looks for free images from all of the top stock photo websites.

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