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Vision Board Supplies

My complete list of vision board supplies shows how you can go all out or keep it super simple. Make a vision board today and start creating the life you really want!

Vision Board Supplies

If you’ve read How to Make a Vision Board you may also be interested in creating a Gratitude Board, or maybe a Gratitude Board for Kids.

Whatever you choose, on this page you can quickly find everything you need. It may look like a lot, but that’s just to show how many options you have. Choose only what you need and get going! For quick reference you can also get our free list of vision board supplies. It’s printable and just covers the basics, very short and to the point. Click below.

1 Display Board

First decide how you’re going to display your vision board, because that may determine what other types of supplies you’ll need. Below are links to various kinds of boards you can buy, followed by ideas for using something you already have. Choose whatever you like best and get started!

  • Cork Boards

    Using a cork board for your vision board gives you a range of interesting options. This can be a good choice if you want a really large board. Many of the biggest sizes are inexpensive compared to other types of boards.

    You can also buy cork “tiles” to either place side-by-side or use separately for lots of small vision boards around the house.


  • Dry Erase Boards

    A big advantage of using a dry erase board is that you can write directly on it. Print power words in and around your photos, or make space for writing longer phrases or quotes. Over time, as your mindset begins to shift, you can easily erase and add new wording.

    If you’re good at drawing, you’ll also love having the freedom to add your personal artistic flair to your board.


  • Magnetic Boards

    Amazon has a great selection of magnetic boards. They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Some are perfect for kids rooms or anywhere you want a look that’s fun and a little offbeat. Individual preferences vary greatly on something like this, so check out the link below to see the variety available.


  • Designer Style Boards

    Large or small, these custom or “designer” boards come in a variety shapes, colors, and materials. You’ll even find combinations such as cork on one side and dry erase on the other. (Click here to see them on Amazon.)

    If this is the look that appeals to you, select a board that suits both your personal taste and your available space. All vision boards are unique, but this option lets you do something really unusual!


  • Slate Boards

    Some slate or chalk boards are also magnetic. That can be a nice feature since it makes it easy to mount pictures with magnets.

    For another unique idea, Amazon sells this 6-pack of 4″ x 6″ chalkboards that you could place in strategic locations around your home or office. Put your inspiration where you need it most!



  • Use What You Have

    If money is tight, or if you just prefer doing things differently, look around to see what’s available. You can display your vision board on your refrigerator, your bathroom mirror, or any interior door or wall that has some vacant space (assuming you aren’t worried about harming the paint).

    An old picture frame will work if the glass is in tact and it’s big enough to suit your purpose.

    You can use poster board, or you can cut the side from a big cardboard box. Use it as is or paint it a bright, happy color. It may not be as sturdy or as attractive as a purchased board, but it will work just as well.

    Use your imagination, and remember that there are no “rules”. The best board for you is anything that works that you like!

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2 Fasteners

The type of display board you choose will determine which fasteners you need. Options include tape, double-stick tape, and picture mounting putty. On some boards you may even be able to use large binder clips or clothespins. The most common fasteners are pushpins and magnets.

  • Pushpins

    Amazon has a huge selection of pushpins – there is something to suit virtually any taste. The only difficult part is making up your mind. Use the search box (under the images below) to find what you like. Note that they come in a wide range of prices too.


  • Magnets

    Choosing magnets is just as hard as finding pushpins because again, Amazon has a tremendous selection. Choose from all sorts of cute objects & animals, or keep it simple with basic, clear shapes that blend in. Some people prefer the latter to avoid any distraction.


3 Tools

All you really need is a decent pair of scissors. An exacto knife is also nice for magazines because it works quickly and gives you super neat cuts.

Scrapbookers have lots of other handy craft tools that you might enjoy using. Check them out if you like, but don’t get too distracted. If you have plenty of time for DIY crafting great, be as creative as you like. Otherwise remember what’s most important is to just get it done. It doesn’t have to look “gorgeous” to anyone but you.

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4 Pictures

The best place to find pictures is in magazines. Chances are you’ll also come across some great power words in ads or headlines, often in big, bold colored lettering. Those work great on vision boards.

The challenge is in finding the magazines because these days we read lots more digital sources than print. Don’t worry, just plan ahead.

Start by asking friends, family and coworkers for any old magazines they may be willing to donate to your cause. Another great source is any office with a waiting room. Ask your doctor or dentist if you can have magazines they are ready to throw away.

Other sources for printed pictures include:

  • Newspapers – especially sale papers and other inserts
  • Catalogs, Brochures, Pamphlets, Flyers
  • Junk mail (big coupon offers, postcard ads, house listings from realtors, etc.)

The internet can be a good place to look for images if you need something very specific, and if you make dead certain that you are not violating any copyright laws. Know this: Everything on the internet is NOT free for the taking. Copyright law is serious business, and violators ARE prosecuted.

Keep it legal by using free photo sites such as,, or You can also buy stock photos, but the cost can add up quickly.

5 Pen & Paper

This is not a necessity but highly recommended! You can make your own power words using blank or lined paper. Write big so it will show up well, even from across a room. Add color and interest with crayons, felt tip markers, or paint.

Another resource is adult coloring books. You can color and cut out an entire page or only the words you want.

Free Printable Vision Board Supply List

That’s it, the end of the list. Are you overwhelmed? Well don’t be!

You do NOT need every item that’s mentioned above!

This list covers everything because we’re all different with different preferences. The point is to present all sorts of options and ideas so that individuals can discover exactly what appeals to them.

If you’re feeling like it’s information overload, click to get a free, printable vision board supplies list. It doesn’t include all these options or links, just a simple list of the basic things you need to create a vision board:

Free Printable List of Vision Board Supplies

Go For It!

Now…the only question is, what is it that you want to be or to do or to have? If you’re ready to take the first step toward turning that dream into reality, it’s time to get going…

MAKE A VISION BOARD! Don’t wait – do it today!

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